Marketing in Today’s Consumer Centric Market.

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

words became untruth

As more and more companies pull back on spending and scrutinize budgets it’s becoming increasingly clear that a ‘back to basics’ trend is occurring and yet it comes at time in which innovations in technology is progressing at a rapid clip.  With the development of new technologies that have shifted the marketing landscape away from the traditional push strategy to a consumer centric pull strategy; how today’s companies leverage this inherent change and still remain committed to a ‘back to basics’ strategy will determine their success.

‘Back to Basics’ does not necessarily mean abandoning new technologies and channels – it simply means that companies will have to evolve the meaning to include these new properties as a means to reaching out to consumers.  ‘Back to Basics’ is essentially a movement to focus efforts on the consumer experience and to define the experience as something that brings meaning and relevancy for both brand and consumer.

The major shift for companies as well as for agencies will be the need to define the consumer experience and drive satisfaction through the use of tech innovations and newly developed channels.  The consumer experience will dictate the success and failure for brands – consumers have become more connected than ever and word of mouth has developed new meaning for marketers.  Ambassadors are no longer employed by brands but are essentially today’s consumer.


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