Why Workflows Work Better than Sitemaps by Zurb

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I found this post via Zurb and thought it was worth sharing.  I have always thought that the prototypical site map was too clinical and never really allowed for fluid discussion – it seems to be so final.  The workflow is a great tool that invites collaboration and discussion – something desperately needed when working through a user interface.  Not to mention a workflow is so much easier to communicate to your client.

An example of a hifi workflow that defines a specific interaction

In the last half of the decade we started noticing a trend at ZURB. Sitemaps started to disappear in a lot of our work and, in its place, we started using workflows instead. It turns out, workflows are more specific than sitemaps and map to actions a particular user will take through a website or application. Also gone is the idea that you can capture the core benefits/functions in just one diagram.

Using workflows over sitemaps also makes it easier to prioritize important actions in the system— something that’s useful for establishing measurable metrics, solid business goals, and a defined feature set to implement. Workflows help keep the actual work in perspective, while sitemaps tend to hide the engineering costs behind a structure that doesn’t explain the value of the components and pages.

via ZURB – Why Workflows Work Better than Sitemaps.


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