2011 Trends and Beyond

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Change has been happening at a rapid pace as technology evolves and consumers become scarily accustomed to the changes and are increasingly adopting new technologies at a feaverish pace.  With this comes significant shifts in the advancements in digital technology and their uses – here are a few trends that I see becoming relevant through 2011 and beyond.

  • Social Media – will continue to evolve through the advancements and integration of location and photo based services made available through the mobile platform.
  • Social Marketing – YouTube will become a greater search engine force and will overtake Yahoo as the second largest search engine.  This will be due to the development of more dynamic content and will lead to greater integration on the web.
  • E-Mail – will establish itself as a relevant and dominate force in the marketing arena.  Although, it’s had it’s share of bad PR over the years – brands simply cannot abandon the medium just yet.
  • Local Advertising – will become stronger and more prevalent as location based apps continue it’s growth and capture the imagination and hearts of local businesses.
  • Social Networks – will be going niche.  We will see the rise of the Social Niche as users become more and more encouraged to join groups that speak to their interests with like minded people to connect with.
  • Tablet-Mania – will continue it’s romp.  The tablet will evolve quickly and become a close replacement for today’s casual lap top user.  The tablet will become a primary means to entertainment for many users as they embrace the new form factor.  For companies the tablet will be another form of engaging and wow’ing the consumer.
  • Optimization of all Form-Factors – this will be a key development in the area of Web Development.  As more and more users adopt new technologies (phone, tablet, e-readers, etc.) Developers are finding that their skill-sets have to include the understanding of how to leverage and optimize all form factors when creating a user experience.
  • Open Source Software – will continue to expand and collaboration between developers will become commonplace.  We will see that systems will develop under that watchful eye of many versus only a select few.
  • Mobile – becomes mainstream, if that hasn’t already happened.  Unlike other countries (South Korea to name one in particular) the US still lags behind in mobile usage as we have yet to untap the full potential of the mobile device.
  • KISS – keeping it simple will be the call to arms for many brands and designers.  Users want an engaging experience yet want it simple as well.  Forget all the bells and whistles if they simply do not add to the experience from a user perspective (the key here is User not Designer or Developer).   Apple led the way and other brands are following suit.
  • Social Good – will continue to escalate at a rapid clip.  Causes will explore the mobile arena as a new untapped avenue leading to contributions.  Corporations will integrate their efforts involving cause related marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility.  The opportunity to integrate and by in large expand the Social Good, is here.
  • E-Books – will drop in price significantly as the technology evolves and we see greater interactivity within the content and devices.  Publishers are going to be relevant, unlike the Newspaper industry, the smart ones are embracing the change and creating content that will be dynamic and engaging thrusting their industry into the technology age of book publishing.

What do you think are some key trends that we should be watching for in 2011 and beyond?


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