Burson-Marsteller 2011 Global Social Media Check-up

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Well worth the ten minutes to run through the slides – you’ll feel a bit smarter than you did yesterday on the topic.  Who knows you could probably use a couple of insights in that presentation your working on for your client today.  Burson definitely knows a thing or two on how to manipulate the (social) media – just ask Google.
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San Francisco Set to Ban Unsolicited Phone Books – Cities – GOOD

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Awaiting the trash heap!

It’s about time that the Yellow Pages industry begins to think outside the proverbial box and start to develop smart media – not this mass produced garbage – thanks to San Francisco.  The product is antiquated and it’s usage has been in severe decline for years.  If you don’t believe it – ask yourself when was the last time you referred to the yellow pages?  For me it’s been years and counting.  However, I admit, I do keep a local copy in my utility drawer and swap it out every year – not sure why since I never seem to remember I have it until the new one just magically appears each year.

San Francisco Set to Ban Unsolicited Phone Books – Cities – GOOD

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