Marketing Predictions for 2012

February 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Big Data

Big Data (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

As social media continues to evolve and key players such as Google, Apple and Microsoft battle it out – there are a few trends worth keeping in the back of your minds as you hastily prepare your campaigns for 2012.

1)   Rebirth of Marketing Automation

Adoption, integration and expansion of Social CRM will become instrumental in a brand’s ability to leverage key social media channels.  Legacy CRM providers have been slow to integrate Social CRM – but this will change and change fast.

2)   Ambassador Marketing

Social has led a revolution where brands can now leverage social media channels in an effort to create ambassadors.  Brand ambassadors will come in many forms – consumers, business partners and employees.  In essence they act as an extension of your marketing team.

3)   Personalization

Big data will prove to be increasingly invaluable to business.  It will be the ability to leverage this data that will lead businesses to create personalized experiences for their customers.

4)   Mobile

Location based marketing will continue to evolve.  Today it is estimated that brands will spend approximately $2 billion on mobile marketing by 2016 it will exceed $8 billion.  There are three keys to this growth:

1)    Mobile technologies become more integrated into daily lives – making consumer’s lives easier.

2)   Retail begins to catch up.  Retailers will begin to slowly evolve creating less distinction between the virtual and brick & mortar store.

3)   Smart mobile technologies expand.  According to the IDC by 2015 smart phone sales will reach an estimated 980 million worldwide.

5) Social Media ROI

While social media is ubiquitous, it quickly became a major platform for many brands with results that were largely unsubstantiated.  It wasn’t too long ago that brands were more than willing to jump into social media seeing that it was largely perceived as a ‘free’ medium.  Since then brands have become more aware and are proceeding with cautious optimism – hence the need to prove its value.


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