What’s Your Life’s Passion?

March 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Finding what drives you can be an arduous task, but its what drives us that gives us purpose.  To unlock your purpose you must find your passion.

In my earlier post, I explored the idea of leading with the ‘WHY’.  It is uncovering the ‘WHY’ that leads to our passion and it’s our passion that leads to our success and ultimately the success of others.  This ‘string of influence’ is contagious and requires little more than uncovering the answers to what excites you to infect others. 

How can you find your passion?

  • Ask yourself what you would do for free.  If you’d it for free your likely passionate about it.
  • What aggravates you?  Is there something that really gets under your skin?  If so, you’ve just uncovered something that your passionate about – now figure out how to fix it and make that your life’s work.
  • What are your interests?  What intrigues you?  What people, groups or topics do you tend to follow the most?  Are you drawn to a specific cause?
  • Regrets?  If you were to fast forward and look back at your life, what regrets would you have?  Or better yet, if you didn’t pursue your passion would you regret not doing it one day?

Delivering the extraordinary begins with finding your life’s passion and leading with the ‘WHY’.

For more check out Fred 2.0.


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