Mobil makes up 26% of search

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Mobile made up 26% of all search traffic according to SEO firm RKG in the second quarter. This is up from 24% from the previous quarter and 15% from a year ago.

Google once again dominated search traffic with 28% of share with Bing and Yahoo getting 15% respectively. Monetization is still lagging quite a bit but this quarter has seen another solid gain – indicating that the gap is narrowing.

iOS made up 69% of all mobile traffic, meaning Google has been encountering an erosion of their margins since they have to give a large part of the revenue generated through an iOS device back to Apple.


What’s Your Life’s Passion?

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Finding what drives you can be an arduous task, but its what drives us that gives us purpose.  To unlock your purpose you must find your passion.

In my earlier post, I explored the idea of leading with the ‘WHY’.  It is uncovering the ‘WHY’ that leads to our passion and it’s our passion that leads to our success and ultimately the success of others.  This ‘string of influence’ is contagious and requires little more than uncovering the answers to what excites you to infect others. 

How can you find your passion?

  • Ask yourself what you would do for free.  If you’d it for free your likely passionate about it.
  • What aggravates you?  Is there something that really gets under your skin?  If so, you’ve just uncovered something that your passionate about – now figure out how to fix it and make that your life’s work.
  • What are your interests?  What intrigues you?  What people, groups or topics do you tend to follow the most?  Are you drawn to a specific cause?
  • Regrets?  If you were to fast forward and look back at your life, what regrets would you have?  Or better yet, if you didn’t pursue your passion would you regret not doing it one day?

Delivering the extraordinary begins with finding your life’s passion and leading with the ‘WHY’.

For more check out Fred 2.0.

World’s Simplest Idea

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I’d recently come across a TED talk conducted in 2009 by Simon Sinek and could help but get drawn in by the simplicity of his message, ‘Start with the Why‘.  ‘Start with the Why’ is such a simple concept, yet can be so affective if deployed in its intended state.


For most firms we communicate the ‘What’.  ‘What’ we do and then following with ‘How’ we do it.  But seldomly, does a firm begin with ‘Why’ – ‘Why they do what they do’?

Apple understands this… “Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?”

Apples begins with the ‘WHY’ for a reason.  It connects with the emotional – it distinguishes Apple from its competitors.  How does Dell market themselves or HP – they begin with the ‘WHAT’ and follow with the ‘HOW’ and neglect to communicate the ‘WHY’.  What drives them to do what they do.  This simple exercise is what creates leaders and very loyal followers.  What we do is the proof of “WHY’ we do it.  People don’t buy ‘WHAT’ we do; they buy ‘WHY’ we do it.  

New report says video ads are soaring — but only 5% are on mobile — paidContent

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New report says video ads are soaring — but only 5% are on mobile — paidContent.

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing – InfoGraphic

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Are Teens Abandoning Facebook?

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More and more teens have been migrating to Twitter as means of sharing and connecting…they aren’t necessarily abondoning their Facebook accounts in favor of Twitter but their usage and frequency on Facebook has most definitely been waning.

This could be in large part due to the mobile phenomenon…Twitter is simply mobile friendly whereas Facebook has been struggling.  Twitter also has an appeal to those that have been reared on texting and the quick communication hits associated with the activity.

Additionally, we are seeing a shift among college aged students (a rather influential group within the space) moving away from social media sites in favor of the simplicity of texting.  Those within this group are finding social media to be invasive and have become increasingly guarded with whom they share information…they probably have come to the realization that what you post online, stays online – which will compromise one’s potential for employment.

And…It’s a matter of evolving…social media will change as end user behavior changes.  Consider Foursquare –  Foursquare is now in the midst of evolving their business as a result of this change in behavior.  End users will dictate the path that Social Media must follow and right now that path is pointing solidly in the direction of mobile and simplicity.

Twitter Tops Facebook in US Mobile Advertising Revenue – eMarketer

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Take a look at how ‘HUGE’ Google’s presence is compared to the others.  I also can’t for the life of me understand how Facebook will go from $72M in 2012 to $630M in 2014 – just does not seem plausible.

Twitter Tops Facebook in US Mobile Advertising Revenue – eMarketer.

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