Are Teens Abandoning Facebook?

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More and more teens have been migrating to Twitter as means of sharing and connecting…they aren’t necessarily abondoning their Facebook accounts in favor of Twitter but their usage and frequency on Facebook has most definitely been waning.

This could be in large part due to the mobile phenomenon…Twitter is simply mobile friendly whereas Facebook has been struggling.  Twitter also has an appeal to those that have been reared on texting and the quick communication hits associated with the activity.

Additionally, we are seeing a shift among college aged students (a rather influential group within the space) moving away from social media sites in favor of the simplicity of texting.  Those within this group are finding social media to be invasive and have become increasingly guarded with whom they share information…they probably have come to the realization that what you post online, stays online – which will compromise one’s potential for employment.

And…It’s a matter of evolving…social media will change as end user behavior changes.  Consider Foursquare –  Foursquare is now in the midst of evolving their business as a result of this change in behavior.  End users will dictate the path that Social Media must follow and right now that path is pointing solidly in the direction of mobile and simplicity.


Twitter Tops Facebook in US Mobile Advertising Revenue – eMarketer

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Take a look at how ‘HUGE’ Google’s presence is compared to the others.  I also can’t for the life of me understand how Facebook will go from $72M in 2012 to $630M in 2014 – just does not seem plausible.

Twitter Tops Facebook in US Mobile Advertising Revenue – eMarketer.


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A must see…May very change our future…and it’s not too bad.


Not Social But Community Strategy

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Facebook Messaging system Invitation Sent

Facebook Messaging system Invitation Sent (Photo credit: denharsh)

Your organization does not need a social strategy but a community strategy.  Defining your community is essential to having a successful social presence.

There are a few simple rules your organization needs to follow:

1)  Who is responsible for the community?  Every community has a leader – one who drives the conversation and maintains interest in the community.

2)  Build your community profile.  What does your community look like or more importantly what do you want your community to look like?

3)  Invite them.  You need to create a reason for these people to join.  What makes your community so compelling?

4)  Engage them.  Once you have them, how are you going to keep them?  It’s not simply through content but dialogue – get them started by creating an outreach to each new member with the intention of keeping them engaged for the first few weeks.

5)  Growth.  How do you want to grow – selectively or open invitation?  The bigger the community does not always equate to a larger return on investment.

6)  Platform.  What platform/s (forums, email, etc.) will you leverage?

7)  Content.  It’s all about content.  You MUST have an editorial calendar or content calendar planned well in advance – this can’t simply be a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of plan for obvious reasons.

8)  Measurement.  How will you measure success?  What will be your success metrics?

To be successful you must have a detailed plan for your community.  Don’t plan in a vacuum; make certain you include all stakeholders in your planning process – otherwise you may find yourself having to go back to the proverbial drawing board.

SPENT by McKinney – YouTube

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SPENT by McKinney – YouTube.

Play it here…

Push Button to Add Drama (Advertisement TNT) – YouTube

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via Push Button to Add Drama (Advertisement TNT) – YouTube.


Push Button to Add Drama (Advertisement TNT) – YouTube

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via Push Button to Add Drama (Advertisement TNT) – YouTube.


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